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Robert Sorby Sovereign Turning Handles-Sovereign Handle

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Robert Sorby Sovereign Turning Handles-Sovereign Handle Excellent grip, superb balance and rugged construction give the Robert Sorby Sovereign Handles superior control and stability for the most challenging turnings. Just add your favorite shaft and cutter for a turning tool like no other. The Sovereign handle accepts a 5/8" diameter turning shank out of the box, and will accept the TurnMaster line of shanks when used with the 1/2" collet (47155, sold separately). A tang collet and a 3/8" collet are also available. The aluminum ends on all Sovereign models thread off, and a Threaded Coupler is available so that two handles can be combined for extra length. An accessory Counterweight can also be attached when additional weight is desired for balance at the butt end of the handle. The 16" and 22" models also have a tapped hole on the side, which accepts an accessory Side Handle - very useful for rotational control with large turnings.Technical Details:Steel core for strength and vibration-dampening.Knurled aluminum ends for corrosion resistance and balance.Core is hollow, allowing shank to be inserted to deepest possible depth, reducing flexing and chatter.Durable Softex grip for extra comfort.Hex-head set screws are capped with brass to prevent damage to your turning tools.All handles will take turning chisels with a 5/8" diameter shaft.3/8", 1/2" and Tang collets are available separately to accept a wide variety of turning tool shanks. (Note: American-made tools are measured by bar diameter while European brands are measured by flute size. So the 3/8" collet is designed for a European 1/4" gouge, the 1/2" collet for a European 3/8" gouge, and a European 1/2" gouge will fit directly into the Sovereign handle).Use the 1/2" collet (47155, sold separately) for the TurnMaster shanks (e.g. 45649, sold separately).For extra weight at the butt end, when used with very large chisels, for example, the Sovereign Counterweight (20541, sold separately) can be inserted inside the handle.When additional rotational control is required, the Sovereign Side Handle (30744, sold separately) can be attached to the 16" and 22" models.The Threaded Coupler (26168, sold separately) can be used to join any two Sovereign Handles for extra length.

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