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Rockler Rockler 3/8´´ Beadlock® Basic Starter Kit

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Rockler 3/8´´ Beadlock® Basic Starter Kit

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Create rock-solid mortise and tenon joints with just your hand drill and this Beadlock® Kit. Ribbed tenon design prevents racking and increases the amount of precious face-grain glue surface. The result is an extremely strong, totally concealed joint. Included shim set allows you to mortise a variety of stock thicknesses, as well as to offset your mortises.Features:Patented system overlaps drill bit holes precisely to accept a special Beadlock® loose tenonMortises in curved and tapered parts are simpleFor narrow material, rip the tenon stock down to fewer "ebeads"eIt´s also ideal for reinforcing glass panel cabinet doorsIncludes four .060"e shims, two .030"e shims, 3/8"e HSS Drill Bit and a molded plastic case with added space for the optional accessory kitsAll Accessory Kits include corresponding guide block, HSS drill bit and shim set

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