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Rockler Rockler 8 oz. Glue Bottle with Glue Roller

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Rockler 8 oz. Glue Bottle with Glue Roller

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Just a quick spin with Rockler´s Glue Roller is all it takes to cover wide boards neatly, evenly, and with minimal squeeze-out. And the Rockler Glue Roller won´t ´´hydroplane´´ and jam like typical glue rollers. That´s because it´s ribbed to allow just enough glue flow-through to keep things rolling with minimal resistance. The ribs also help to distribute the glue in a neatly ´´raked´´ pattern for excellent coverage. Both bottle and roller share the same thread pattern as Titebond´s 16 and 32 oz bottles, so you can use the roller with those as well. The removable tip plug keeps the tip from clogging while in storage. Features:Bottle is made of HDPE plastic, which is easy-to-clean and sheds dried glueGlue Roller body and axle are made of polypropylene plastic, and roller is made of thermoplastic rubber—all very easy-to-cleanLarge tip hole for good flowIncludes removable tip plugErgonomically designed with angled headTip is easily visible so you can gauge your glue flow visually

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