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Rockler Circle/Grommet Templates No more rummaging through a stack of templates for the right size, this package combines the most common grommet sizes into two templates. Each size is clearly labeled for quick identification. Transparent acrylic with fine cross-hairs on each hole makes it easy to align the template with your pencil marks. Use with the 5/8"e Short-Shank Guide Bushing, which is specially designed for 1/4"e template stock.The template holes are 1/8´´ larger than thee finished size to allow for a guide bushing. The finishes circle sizes are: 3-1/2"e, 3-1/4"e, 3-1/8"e, 3"e, 2-3/4"e, 2-1/2"e, 2-3/8"e, 2-1/4"e, 2"e, 1-15/16"e, 1-3/4"e, 1-9/16"e and 1-3/8"e. Finishes oval sizes are: 2-1/2"e x 6-1/8"e and 2-3/8"e x 4-5/8"e.These templates can easily be attached to your piece / surface using double-sided tape. For a firm hold you can also countersink some holes and screw the template to the work-piece. This is designed for use with a 5/8´´ short-shank guide bushing and a 1/2´´ spiral up-cut bit but other bits may be used for alternative results. The variety of circle / oval sizes makes these templates ideal for grommets, inlays and general tracing for other projects.

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