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Rockler Contour Sanding Grips

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Our double-ended contour sanding blocks make it easy to sand both concave and convex shapes without distorting or diminishing the crispness of the profile. Each Sanding Grip has a convex profile on one end and a concave profile on the opposite end. The two ends are connected by a narrow flexible section that provides a comfortable grip, and can also be used for sanding. Made from a flexible rubber that adapts to minor variations in diameter. Grippy texture prevents abrasive slipping and hand fatigue. Set includes a total of six blocks with the following inside/outside diameters: 1/4´´, 3/8´´, 1/2´´, 5/8´´, 3/4´´ and 7/8´´. Diameters are molded into the rubber for easy selection.

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