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Rockler Rockler Corner Radius Routing Templates

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Rockler Corner Radius Routing Templates

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Cutting a smooth radius to soften a 90° corner is fast and flawless with our Corner Radius Routing Templates. The templates can be used alone to draft a simple pencil line, or, better yet, you can click them onto the included handle and rout the radius on your router table with no need for pencil lines at all. The bottom of each template has grippy rubber strips, which, combined with the handle, provide a solid grip that firmly straddles the corner of your workpiece. You get a wide range of a dozen total radiuses: 1/8´´ through 1´´ radiuses, in 1/8´´ increments, and 1-1/4´´ through 2´´ radiuses, in 1/4´´ increments. They´re the perfect solution for any project with quarter-round corners, such as the armrests on Adirondack chairs, bookcase end panels, table tops, wall-mounted shelves and more.Features: Templates click easily in and out of the included handle Rubber strips help grip the workpiece Radius is printed on each rounded corner for easy selection ´´Feed Direction´´ and ´´Hold Here´´ are molded into the handle for ease of use Designed for use with a router table and a flush trim bit with a tip-mounted bearing (sold separately)

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