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Rockler Downdraft Table Panels

Rockler Downdraft Table Panels Downdraft tables combined with a dust collection system (or shop vacuum) are an easy to way to help keep your workshop cleaner. A good downdraft table will work with your dust collection system to pull dust and debris away from your work piece without you having to pause to clean the area. Not only does this reduce cleanup time but it helps keep the air cleaner. These downdraft table panels were designed with your unique workshop set up in mind. Top off your custom downdraft table with the solid steel panels. Each 6-3/4´´ x 16-1/2´´ component includes non-slip rubber grommets and removable stops to stabilize your work. The panel hole patterns are also engineered to allow for optimal suction while it ´s durable steel construction withstands sanding pressure. Looking to build a downdraft table? Click on "eDownload Free Plan"e above to download a plan! Downdraft table plan requires 2 sets of #25077.

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