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Rockler Dust Right® 4´´ Anti-Static Dust Hose

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Rockler Dust Right® 4´´ Anti-Static Dust Hose Rockler´s industry-first Anti-Static Dust Hose is impregnated with ´´carbon black,´´ virtually eliminating the static build-up that can lead to shocks. It is rugged, yet flexible—a true pleasure to use. To understand static build-up in a plastic dust hose, think of a tubular plastic playground slide. The dust and chips flowing through the hose can create a large amount of friction and static charge. While some dust collection systems remedy the problem with a grounding wire, this hose prevents the problem at the source—the hose itself. This flexible and durable hose has a 4´´ inside diameter and is 10 feet long. It is made from a durable plastic helix with carbon black added to dissipate static build-up.Note: For use with left hand threading accessories. This product will not work with Right Hand Thread Bridge Hose Clamps (#26177) or Clamped Quick Disconnect Fitting (#37789).

Only $44.99 at Rockler.com

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