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Rockler Dust Right® 4´´ Tool Ports

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Rockler Dust Right® 4´´ Tool Ports One end connects tightly to any tool with a 4"e dust port, while the other fits perfectly into theDust Right® Handle (which connects to 4"e hose and, ultimately, your dust collector), allowing you to move dust collection from tool to tool like never before! The Ports feature a flexible rubber boot on one side that guarantees a tight connection and allows for slight variations in the size of the tool´s dust port. Includes two ports and two metal hose clamps. The Dust Right® Tool Ports are designed to work with the Dust Right® handle, which is available either individually (#22643) or in one of our Dust Right® Packages (#35906, #36134). To connect the handle to smaller 2-1/2"e ports, use a Tool Port in conjunction with our Hose Adapter (#20871).

Only $17.99 at Rockler.com

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