Rockler Rockler Easy-to-Grip 5-Star Knobs - Threaded Insert

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Rockler Easy-to-Grip 5-Star Knobs - Threaded Insert

SKU: GRP40266 ID: 619744067

With their smooth, rounded contours, top-quality materials and proprietary rubber overmolds that wrap beneath the perimeter to eliminate sharp edges and seams, our Easy-to-Grip Knobs are hands-down the most comfortable jig knobs we´ve ever used. Use them on jigs, fixtures, router tables, drill presses and more. The rounded shaft beneath the star knob leaves plenty of clearance for your fingers, and curves up smoothly to meet the knob. They truly must be felt to be appreciated—´´luxurious´´ is not an overstatement. Try them out for yourself—you´ll get more torque with less effort, and your hands will thank you for it. Features: Ultra-durable construction with comfortably molded gussets.Zero sharp edges—rubber overmold extends beneath the knob for total comfort and easy tightening.Available in three different threading sizes, each with a threaded insert (and through-hole)

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