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Rockler Interlock Signmaker´s Templates - State Park Font Kits

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Produce countless enduring, classic signs with our instantly recognizable ´´State Park´´ Font sign-making system. Our State Park letter templates feature adjustable kerning for the most natural-looking layout of your text, with neat, even spacing between all letters. The kit includes a total of 99 template pieces, with letters, numbers, symbols, and kerning spacers. Includes a high-quality brass guide bushing. Recommended for use with a plunge router.Continuous, unbroken letters! With our clever 2-stage system, you get neat, whole letters, with no seams. There is no need to split letters such as A, B, and D, as a way of securing the ´´eye´´ in the middle.Kerning provides consistent letter spacing! Adjustable kerning allows letters with top- or bottom-heavy shapes to overlap each others space, eliminating awkwardly large spaces.Convenient Sign Making Wizard lets you easily map out your word or phrase! Simply enter the words or phrases for your sign, and the wizard will create a custom routing plan with a visual guide for the sequence of templates needed and the number of passes required to rout the letters. Still not convinced this is the best way to create authentic, unique signs? Read the HomeFixated Review for more details.

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