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Rockler Large Box Spline Jig

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Cutting decorative splines for large boxes that can´t be machined on the router table is easy with the Rockler Large Box Spline Jig! This jig clamps to the outside corner of your box or chest to provide a precise 45° sliding surface for your router. The jig´s fence is adjustable so you can align the cut line with the center of your particular router. Once set, operation is simple. Just position the jig, clamp and rout. For very large boxes, space is provided for clamping cauls that can span the width of the workpiece. Try different router bits—straight bits, V-groove bits, dovetail bits and more—to achieve different effects!Features: Adjustable fence aligns the jig with your particular router´s baseCorner relief protects delicate corners and ensures a tight fit to the workpieceCentering line makes aligning the cut quick and simpleLarge clamping areas can accommodate cauls for the biggest boxesHang hole for convenient storage when not in useMade of durable ABS plastic with engineered structural strengthInstructions included

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