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Rockler Rockler Long Stop for Rockler T-Track System

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Rockler Long Stop for Rockler T-Track System

SKU: 53845 ID: 575816534 UPC: 733175538459

Combined with your T-Track Table, these stops give you a fast, accurate work holding solution for a wide variety of applications. The stops feature low-profile knobs that fold flat for easy clearance when belt sanding, hand planing, or scraping dried glue. Long Stops are also ideally suited for pocket hole face frame assembly. Use two Long Stops to create a square corner to support your face frame parts while drilling. The increased length of the Long Stop spans the joint line, allowing you to easily flush up rails and stiles by butting them against the stop. This is also handy when assembling cope and stick doors. The keyway on the bottom of the Long Stop runs parallel to the stop face. Two other stop styles are available separately: Short (#50603) and Inline (#54161) with keyway perpendicular to stop face.

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