Rockler Rockler Mini Finishing Points, 12-Pack

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Rockler Mini Finishing Points, 12-Pack

SKU: 58020 ID: 570644553 UPC: 733175580205

Rockler Mini Finishing Points work on the same concept as Bench Cookie Cones, lifting your project off the bench so the bottom side can dry while you finish the top side—all without marring the uncured finish! Because of their small size, however, Mini Finishing Points are extremely cost effective and efficient if you´ll be finishing many pieces at once. A dozen easily fits in an apron pocket, ready for finishing up to three doors at once. The points friction-fit into any T-track that accepts 5/16" T-bolts, or you can tack them to benches and sawhorses with the included brad nails. Features:Finish both sides of a project without having to wait for the first side to dryMinimal surface contact—won´t ruin your finish or mar your woodLightweight and compact—perfect for jobsite useFour structural ribs for strength1-1/8´´ total height when installed in T-track1-1/4´´ total height when not in T-trackT-track key is approximately 3/8´´Points store conveniently in included tubeUse a claw hammer to remove points when securing with brads

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