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Rockler Pipe Clamp Jaw Extenders When your glue-up calls for the generous throat depth of a C-clamp or F-clamp, but with the extended length of a pipe clamp, reach for the Rockler Pipe Clamp Jaw Extenders. Dedicated deep throat pipe clamps can cost a pretty penny, and are usually only designed for one type of clamping, which is why these jaw extensions are such a great alternative. Not only do you get a robust deep reach pipe clamp at a great cost, but thanks to the flat, reinforced jaw sections near the pipe, you can also use it as a standard pipe clamp for gluing up panels up to 2-1/2´´ thick. The extended reach section stretches up to 4-5/8´´ inboard of any carcase assembly—perfect for pulling in bowed end panels that would otherwise be impossible to correct with a standard clamp. They are also ideal for gluing up thick panels, such as for a workbench top, especially the popular Roubo style workbench.Features: Fits all Rockler Sure-Foot and Sure-Foot Plus pipe clamps (#30921, sold separately) Made from rugged cast steel Flat sections near pipe allow you to use the jaw extensions for standard panel glue-ups No drilling required—nuts and bolts are included for attachment to your clamps

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