Rockler Rockler Pipe Clamp Mounting Brackets

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Rockler Pipe Clamp Mounting Brackets

SKU: 54725 ID: 633291010

These brackets can slip over the 2x4 crossbeam on a sawhorse to make a quick on-site vise for holding and clamping a wide variety of items. The brackets swing open to accept a standard 3/4´´ pipe clamp, then slide easily over the 2x material to anchor the vise in place. They are held in place via friction and gravity, and you can use the included screws for additional stability. When in use, the clamps can be positioned in the upright position, and then swung out of the way when not needed, or when you wish to use the sawhorses in the traditional way. The brackets hold 3/4´´ I.D. pipe in a ring clamp that is fitted with a rubber gasket for a better grip. The ring clamp is tightened with a tool-free thumb screw.

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