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Rockler Rockler Pro Shelf Drilling Jig

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Rockler Pro Shelf Drilling Jig

SKU: 31571 ID: 479644077 UPC: 733175315715

Just lay the jig on your stock, tighten the two horizontal tracking knobs and start drilling error-free rows.Features:Guarantees each row is perfectly in lineSpaces each hole exactly 37mm from the edge of your stockJig is easy to set up and easy to adjust for multiple rowsRows are spaced exactly 1-1/4"e (32mm) apartPin holes are set back exactly 1-7/16"e (37mm) from each edge32mm spacing and 37mm setback are fully compatible with the Euro hinge system24"e long twin template tracks are joined by rigid rails that lock in place for error-free drillingDrill two rows with one jig to save time and ensure accuracyLocking 3-star tracking knobs allow for adjustments and ensure the jig stays firmly in placeReversible guide rails have a smooth aluminum surface on one side and a rubber fence on the other for better gripping powerIncludes two 5mm and two 1/4"e indexing pins that eliminate the need for clamps and allow you to extend long rows of holes indefinitelyIncluded indexing pins store conveniently in the ends of each guide rail when not in useDrilling template is made of thick acrylic for durabilityDesigned for un-assembled cabinet components from 8-1/4"eW to 25-1/4"eW

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