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Rockler Rolling Utility Ladder - Track Hardware, Zinc

Rockler Rolling Utility Ladder - Track Hardware, Zinc Build a ladder for easy access to the highest shelves in your garage or workshop! Our Utility Ladder Hardware Kit features a locking roller system that captures the top rail, resulting in a ladder that rolls smoothly and quietly to wherever it is needed. The bottom legs of the ladder are fitted with rubber pads that grip the floor for stability. To move the ladder, you simply lift it slightly and roll it along the rail to the location you want. The locking wheel assembly rides along the top rail, guiding the ladder as it´s re-positioned. Once you´ve retrieved what you need, you can push the ladder up against the wall or cabinet, and out of the way. You can purchase as many tracks as you need to span a wall, or have multiple tracks on several walls with a single ladder that is moved from track to track. The basic hardware kit makes an 8´ ladder with seven steps, and additional steps can be purchased to make a taller ladder. To make constructing your ladder as fast and easy as possible, we also offer pre-machined oak Wood Kits as an accessory - just sand, finish and assemble.Use our Ladder Design Wizard to customize your own ladder system to your application and preference. After selecting your options and features, you will obtain a Bill of Materials that is your guide for ordering.

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