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Rockler Rockler Router Bit and Saw Blade Cleaning Kit

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Rockler Router Bit and Saw Blade Cleaning Kit

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Let´s face it, no woodworker particularly enjoys cleaning saw blades or router bits, so the easier we can make it, the better. This kit does just that, combining an extremely effective saw blade cleaning solution with two conveniently-sized containers that allow you to soak your blades and bits and let the blade cleaner do the brunt of the work for you. A brass brush is also included to whisk away the more stubborn particles. With clean, cool-running cutters, you´ll get more precise cuts, a longer cutter life and spend far less on sharpening costs.Features:The jumbo sized "eblade bath"e features a raised inner ring, which prevents the blade from suctioning to the bottom14"e inside diameter accepts a 12"e blade with plenty of room at the edges for easy removalKit includes 14"e plastic blade bath with lid, 1 quart (makes 1 gallon) of Pitch and Resin Remover-a highly effective saw blade cleaner-brass-bristled scrub brush and a 6 oz. plastic jar with lid for cleaning router bits

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