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Rockler Rockler Sure-Hook™ 360, 12 Pack

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Rockler Sure-Hook™ 360, 12 Pack

SKU: 33631 ID: 479644790 UPC: 733175336314

Improves on the original with 360° of swivel action, allowing you to spray all sides of your door without having to walk around or lift it off the rod to rotate it. Just grip the black section of the arm and give it a twist. Since you always spray from the same point, you´ll be able to spot flaws easily without readjusting your lighting. The larger hook fits perfectly around standard 3/4"e ID pipe, which makes a handy, stable hanging rod. Expandable cam-action plug fits into any 35mm hinge hole and secures by simply pivoting the arm 90°.Simply insert the 35mm cam-action locking plug into the door´s hinge cup hole. To lock the plug in place, just rotate the pivoting arm so it´s parallel to the door face. You can even easily adjust the plug for varying tolerances in 35mm bits using an Allen wrench (not included).Features:Finish all sides at once - no need to wait and flipA perfect application - no fingerprints or dents from nail-boardsWith good air circulation on all sides of the door, your finish will dry faster35mm plug adjusts to accommodate varying tolerances in 35mm bitsFits shallow 9mm deep cup holes and standard 13mm deep cup holesWorks with standard 3/4"e ID pipe - the same stuff used in pipe clamps

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