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Rockler Train Track Router Bits

Rockler Train Track Router Bits These carbide-tipped bits let you create classic wooden toy train tracks, similar to the expensive store-bought track. Cut enough track and the bits will pay for themselves, but the funnest part is getting creative and inventing track elements that nobody has ever seen before! Interesting Y-junctures and intersections, bridges and hills—it´s all up to your imagination.Use the Double Groove Bit to cut both track grooves in a single pass—ideal for straight sections of track. The Singe Groove Bit, on the other hand, is used to cut the grooves in curved sections of track. Use the remaining two bits to machine the male and female portions of the ball joint track linkage.Sturdy 1/2"e shanks ensure a smooth finish and minimal vibration.White Birch, Maple or European Beech stock recommended.

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