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Router Raizer There´s never been an easier or safer way to get quick depth-of-cut adjustments with your plunge router. The Router Raizer lets you work from both the topside and underside of your router table. With the Router Raizer no special insert is required (or included) - use any router plate from 3/16"e to 1/2"e thick will do the trick! Height adjustments are made with a speed wrench that fits through a small hole drilled through your insert plate. When hand-held, adjustments are made from the top with a knurled adjustment knob that also works with the speed wrench. Router Raizer includes all the necessary components, instructions, and templates you need to turn your plunge router into an easily adjustable Router Raizer. Slight modification to your router is required, but well worth the effort.Will the Router Raizer work with my router?Router Raizer* is designed to fit the following plunge routers.Craftsman 27505Craftsman 27506Craftsman 27510Craftsman 27511DeWalt DW625Elu 3337Freud FT2000Freud FT2000EHitachi M12VHitachi TR12Hitachi M12V2Makita 3612BMakita 3612BRMakite 3612CPorter Cable 7538Porter Cable 7529Porter Cable 7539Porter Cable 693Porter Cable 693PKPorter Cable 6931 baseRyobi RE600*Slight router modification is required.

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