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SafeRacks 4´ x 8´ Overhead Storage Rack

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SafeRacks 4´ x 8´ Overhead Storage Rack One thing woodworkers can always use more of (besides clamps) is space, and that´s exactly what these overhead storage racks provide. Whether for lumber and moldings, cans of leftover finish, or for benchtop tools that only see occasional use, these racks provide convenient storage, and let you reclaim the precious floor and wall space in your shop. While marketed primarily for organizing and decluttering garages, they work every bit as well in a free-standing shop environment. In a garage shop, they even let you utilize the vast amount of space above your garage door when it´s open. The racks are all 4´ x 8´ in surface area, and are available in a range of heights to accomodate the height of your ceiling. All are built from industrial grade steel and independently tested to hold up to 600 pounds each. To store bicycles and other items that can be hung from a hook, see the SafeRacks Hook Package (#57870, sold separately).Features: Rugged 14-gauge ´´C´´ Channel beam construction for maximum rigidityA selection of heights, each one adjustable, lets you custom tailor the racks to the needs of your spaceEach ceiling bracket spans two joists for greater weight capacityEasy installation—instructions includedFactors to Consider When Determining Ceiling Drop: Distance from floor to ceiling in your garageDistance between the open garage door and the ceilingSize of items you wish to storeClearance for opening of doors or cabinet doorsDistance from the ceiling to the top of your carWhether you wish to hang items below the rackYour height, and whether you prefer more head clearance or a lower rack for easier access

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