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Sam Maloof Oil/Wax Finish

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The late Sam Maloof, one of America´s most accomplished woodworkers, used these same finishes on pieces placed in museums and the White House. Sold in pint- and quart-size cans."One of the most important aspects of finishes, I believe, is that they invite me to touch, to caress and to take pleasure in the wood surface." - Sam Maloof.Maloof´s Poly/Oil Finish is a custom blend of polyurethane varnish and natural oils developed by Sam Maloof to beautifully finish his finest pieces. Ideal for use on furniture, cabinets and millwork. Enlivens wood grain and adds warmth to its color. Gives your project the look of a hand-rubbed satin finish in half the time it takes using pumice and rottenstone. Consider using Sam Maloof´s Oil/Wax for the final coat to complete the look.Sam Maloof Oil/Wax Finish is a blend of oils and waxes used as a final coat over Sam Maloof´s Poly/Oil Finish to create a soft, hand-rubbed appearance while enlivening the wood´s character. This topcoat is recommended for fine pieces that won´t be exposed to heat or moisture. Apply with a cloth.For more information on Sam Maloof, see Jeremy Adamson´s book, The Furniture of Sam Maloof (#32546, sold separately), the first thorough documentary of Maloof´s life and work.

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