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Rockler Sandits™, 8-pack

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Sandits™, 8-pack

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Whether you´re cleaning up rough patches on a carving, ferreting out dried glue from a corner, or removing rust, paint or corrosion, Sandits make the perfect, low-cost tool for the job. With their thin, cotton swab-like shape and long plastic stem, they allow you to work in difficult-to-reach spaces inaccessible to ordinary sandpaper.Since the abrasive is embedded in marine-grade epoxy, Sandits are ideal for marine use or in wet applications. Use on wood, metal, plastics-any place where you need sanding, shaping, smoothing or polishing.Features: 120-grit on one end; 180-grit on the opposite end (#51507)400-grit on one end; 800-grit on the opposite end (#58799)Versatile, portable, non-conductive and waterproofLow-cost; no need for a power outletGreat for cleaning electrical contacts

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