Rockler Sandits™ Wedges, 120/180 Grit, 8-Pack

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Sandits™ Wedges, 120/180 Grit, 8-Pack

SKU: 51103 ID: 558961749 UPC: 853995004078

Whether you´re cleaning up rough patches on a carving, ferreting out dried glue from a corner, or removing rust, paint or corrosion, Sandits make the perfect, low-cost tool for the job. Sandits Wedges are slightly thinner at the tip than the original Sandits, and slightly wider and flatter for better sanding of flat surfaces. They have 120 grit tips on one end, and 180 grit on the opposite end. Since the abrasive is embedded in marine-grade epoxy, Sandits are ideal for marine use or in wet applications. Use on wood, metal, plastics-any place where you need sanding, shaping, smoothing or polishing.Features: 120-grit on one end; 180-grit on the opposite endTip is 5/16´´W, with a thickness tapering from 3/16´´ to 1/8´´ at the tip (dimensions are approximate)Versatile, portable, non-conductive and waterproofLow-cost; no need for a power outletGreat for cleaning electrical contacts

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