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SawStop Sliding Crosscut Table Cutting sheet goods on the table saw can be an unwieldy task—not enough support and too much potential for inaccuracies and blade binding with narrower materials. But not with the SawStop Sliding Crosscut Table. Engineered to fit all existing SawStop table saws, the Sliding Crosscut Table provides firm, smooth-rolling support throughout the entire cut, keeping your corners perfectly square, or mitered to any angle up to 60°. Manufactured from the finest materials, this slider features a 43´´ fence that can be extended past 58´´ for easy, repeatable cuts. Combined with the SawStop technology of your saw, you´ll have perhaps the safest possible table saw on the market. Engineered to fit all existing SawStop sawsMounting holes are pre-drilled for all modelsSliding table and fence are made from T-6 aircraft-grade extruded aluminum, anodized to match your SawStop sawMultiple bearings for smooth travel under loadMicro-adjustable for smoothness and parallelismExtruded aluminum fence is at least 15% larger than typical crosscut sliders on the marketFence features single-knob angle adjustment with an oversized miter gauge that angles to 60°Fence can be located anywhere along the length of the sliding tableDistance from fence to blade can be easily adjustedFence has large flip-stops with a precision scale and magnified lenses for accurate, repeatable cuts

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