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Rockler SawStop Table Saw Micro Blade Guard

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SawStop Table Saw Micro Blade Guard

SKU: 38629 ID: 505619673 UPC: 857766003130

With six independently swinging side guards, this blade guard shapes itself to your workpiece, providing just enough clearance for your work to be fed through, while keeping fingers out. The blade guard swings up and out of the way when needed, and it features an integral splitter to prevent binding and kickback. To provide additional insurance against kickback, the splitter also features anti-kickback pawls mounted on the side. If desired, the splitter can also be used without the blade guard attached. Installation and removal is easy, and requires no tools. This unit is compatible with all SawStop Cast-Iron saws, with the exception of the Jobsite Saw.Features: Designed for use with the 2.3mm riving knife and table insert with lock down lever Six independently swinging side guards swing up as the workpiece is fed through the table saw Installation and removal is easy and tool-free Anti-kickback pawls bite into the wood to stop reverse feeding in the event of kickback Blade guard swings up and out of the way for easy access Blade guard can be removed from splitter, so the splitter can be used alone

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