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Rockler SculpWood Paste, 4 oz.

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SculpWood Paste, 4 oz.

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SculpWood Paste is a spreadable, permanent, 100% waterproof paste for filling smaller cracks and surface defects in rot-damaged wood and other porous materials. It spreads easily, and won´t sag, drag or pull. Can be used indoors and out, and is ideal for repairing window sills, porch railings and moldings with weather and rot damage. The paste is an excellent companion for Sculpwood Putty (#43812, sold separately), which is used to fill and rebuild larger voids. For the strongest repair, and the best resistance to further rot, use both SculpWood Putty and Sculpwood Paste with System Three RotFix (#23249, sold separately), a low viscosity wood sealer and consolidant.Features:SculpWood Paste is a 2-component, solvent-free, epoxy resinSoft spackle-like consistency is exceptionally easy to spreadEasily fills fine cracks, splits, nail holes and gouges so that, once painted, they are indistinguishable from the surrounding woodSuperior bond strength to almost any porous materialPermanent and 100% waterproofWill not swell, shrink or crack with ageConvenient 1:1 mixing ratioCures quicklyEasily sanded, and accepts paint, screws and nailsMost commonly used in conjunction with SculpWood Putty and RotFix (#43812 and #23249, sold separately)For interior and exterior use 

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