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Self-Leveling Flush-Mount Hangers Hang gallery wraps, canvas and open back frames, and wooden frames flush against your wall with ease using Self-Leveling Flush-mount Hangers! The flush-mount hanger attaches to the back of your canvas using the included 1/2"e mounting screws, then self-levels on the included 1-1/2"e double-headed screw. Holds up to 100-lbs. when mounted on a stud; 30 lbs. on drywall. Includes two flush-mount hangers, two mounting screws, and two double-headed screws.Technical Details: Holds up to 100 lbs. when installed into a studDouble-headed 1-1/4"e screws are self-drilling so installation doesn´t require a pilot holeInstalls easily using a hand-held Phillip screwdriverBest used for flush-mounting gallery wraps, canvas and open back frames, and wooden framesWorks with drywall, lath, plaster, or wood studs1"e actual screw length; 1-1/4"e overall lengthTwo 1-1/4"e Double-Headed ScrewsTwo 1/2"e Mounting Screws

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