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Shellawax Cream Friction Polish, 8.45 fl. oz.

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Shellawax Cream Friction Polish, 8.45 fl. oz. Shellawax Cream Friction Polish is a durable, one-application woodturner´s friction polish that is also available in liquid form (#33538, sold separately). Due to its slower drying characteristics, the cream version is perfect for eliminating rag marks that result from premature drying on large spindles and bowls. The cream is also ideal for woodcarvings and small flat surfaces. Shellawax Cream can be mixed with Shellawax Liquid as a dry time extender for that product, and can also be thinned with Shellawax Liquid if it is too thick. Shellawax is for use on unfinished wood only. Features:On the lathe it gives a brilliant shine in seconds and can be handled immediatelyOn woodcarvings and flat surfaces it gives a rich, deep shine in a matter of minutesMade from a mixture of white shellac and waxes, including Carnauba wax and Bee´s waxNon-toxic and water-resistant

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