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Rockler Sign Carving With Your Router DVD

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Sign Carving With Your Router DVD

SKU: 36041 ID: 479645593 UPC: 837101166096

Carve custom signs with just an ordinary plunge router! In this DVD, signmaker Jim Bartz gives in-depth instruction on how to design and carve custom wooden signs using a versatile freehand method that requires no lettering templates or guides. From initial design to the final details, Bartz gives helpful tips at every step of the process. Covers both relief and engraved carving methods. Sign carving can be a rewarding hobby or a profitable business, and it doesn´t require a lot of expensive tools or space.This DVD includes sections on: Examples of signs and decorative carvings Tools you´ll need Design tips Preparing the workpiece Safety considerations Carving techniques Removing the background Detail work Finishing

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