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Rockler Sjobergs Hobby Plus Workbench 850, Birch

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Sjobergs Hobby Plus Workbench 850, Birch

SKU: 52267 ID: 558961758 UPC: 7316703283859

The Sjobergs Hobby Plus 850 workbench gives you the functionality and size you need at a price you can afford. With a total length of just over 38´´, it can handle most basic cabinet parts, while taking up very little shop space. With double rows of dog holes extending from both vise locations, the Hobby Plus is a versatile workholding station. It´s ideal for carvers and other woodworking hobbyists, as well as for any other project where you need two hands free as you work. The top is constructed from solid Scandinavian birch, while the trestle is made from Nordic pine. With a thickness of just over 1´´ in the center, and a skirt of 2-1/2´´, the top is very rigid.Features:Solid birch top is just over 1´´ thick in the middle, and 2-1/2´´ around the edgeTrestle is made from Nordic pineDouble rows of bench dog holes extend from both vise locationsTrestle is also pre-drilled with dog holesIncludes four 3/4´´ round plastic/glass fiber bench dogs

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