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Rockler Sjobergs Scandi Plus Workbench 1825

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Sjobergs Scandi Plus Workbench 1825

SKU: 55403 ID: 558961750 UPC: 7316703279180

With versatility and durability in spades, the Sjobergs Scandi Plus workbenches are perfectly suited for the demanding work of professional woodworkers and serious craftsmen. For strength, the tops are constructed with full-length laminations of knot-free European beech, without any ugly splices. With a thickness of 1-1/2´´ in the center, and a skirt of 4-5/16´´, the top is extremely strong. Solid beech is also used in the preassembled trestle frames. The bench has two double rows of 3/4´´ dog holes working from both the front and tail vises, as well as dog holes in the trestle legs for a wide variety of clamping options. Includes four unbreakable bench dogs with side springs to ensure that they stay at the desired height. The dogs automatically adjust to non-parallel workpieces. Made in Sweden, Sjobergs Scandi Plus workbenches are built to provide a lifetime of hard use and enjoyment.Features:Tops are extremely strong—1-1/2´´ thick in the middle, and 4-1/4´´ around the edgeVises have a 4-1/2´´ opening capacityDouble rows of bench dog holes extend from both vise locationsTrestle is also pre-drilled with dog holesIncludes four 3/4´´ round plastic/glass fiber bench dogs

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