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SketchList 3D Version 4 Shop, Mac Version

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SketchList 3D is a computerized drafting program specifically designed for the needs of cabinetmakers and furniture makers. It allows you to easily manipulate three-dimensional objects on your screen in a natural, intuitive way, assembling your cabinet much the way you would in your shop. Create precisely dimensioned virtual boards with a few clicks, then drag and drop to the correct position, or copy and paste to duplicate the board on the other side. Drag corners and edges to quickly align with the overall exterior dimensions, defined at the beginning of the process. As your drafts rapidly come together, all required drawings, reports and cut lists are automatically updated in real time in the background. Joinery, hole drilling, and contours are easy to integrate. Add tenons to the ends of your boards with a few clicks, and all relevant lengths are automatically updated on the cut list. You can also create a personalized library of objects for repetitive use. Fast, flexible and easy-to-use, Sketchlist 3D will save you time, allow you and your customers to easily visualize your designs, and save money by eliminating mistakes and rework.Features: Create 3D joinery with a few mouse clicks: tenons, tongue and groove, miter, dado, rabbetAdd contours to board edges with a few mouse clicks: round over, cove, chamfer, V-groove, bullnose, roman ogeeUse either imperial or metric unitsEasily drag and drop to position objects within your designBlue dot corners let you drag to dimension, or copy and paste location values to butt boards togetherImport/export functions let you easily share your designs with customersShape tool lets you cut angles and curves in your boardsMaterials management lets you add and size materials as requiredA customizable library of standard objects let you easily drop in frequently used partsDrag edges to easily modify dimensionsDraft complete assemblies, including doors, drawers, and hardware so you and your customers can visualize the final productBatch move lets you move all parts in an assembly by a specified amountMultiple wood grain textures and colors360° 3D object rotation lets you see all sides of your designBatch material change lets you experiment with different materials in your designsMultiple monitor environment screen layout save/load – ability to set up used interface as you like it and save that setup2D dimensioned shop drawingsAdd, clone, locate and drill holes, spacing them evenly over a spanAssembly merge function lets you blend the objects from two assemblies into one

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