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Rockler Slimline Pencil Hardware Kit - Gold

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Slimline Pencil Hardware Kit - Gold

SKU: 61254 ID: 524073923 UPC: 733175612548

Attractive and simple, the Slimline Pencil is a great starting point for beginners. Turning this basic design is easy, and the result is a stately and reliable click-action pencil that will write for years. The satin plating has undergone a special process resulting in a slightly textured, matte finish that looks and feels great. Use the bushings, drill bit, and mandrel listed below.Turning Accessories Needed:Necessary blank size: 9/16"e x 4-5/8"e (sold separately)Pen Turning Mandrel (sold separately)Slimline Bushing Set (#43546, sold separately)7mm Drill Bit (#36372 sold separately)Pen Mill Kit (#47526, sold separately)

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