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Rockler Snap-In Locks-Lock Bodies

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Snap-In Locks-Lock Bodies

SKU: GRP10064_1 ID: 524073122

This system allows you to choose from up to six different lock styles and six different finishes giving you up to 36 combinations that only need one key. Choose a lock body, finish and key option to build a custom lock. (Snap-In Lock Plug Keys are Sold Separately)Choosing the Proper Style Cam LockDrawers: Horizontal Cam locks are ideal for drawers. The lock mounts horizontally and when turned the locking mechanism will stop your drawer from opening. This cam lock installs in wood with a thickness up to 3/4´´.Cabinet Doors: Vertical cam Locks are ideal for Cabinets and other doors with a thickness up to 3/4´´. Once installed the vertical cam lock will hold the closed when used on a single door application with a frame cabinet style.Doors with a thickness greater than 3/4´´: the Universal cam body works for projects that have a thickness of 3/4" to 1-3/8" thick.Double Doors: the Double Door Standard Cam Locks or the Double Door Offset Cam Locks will work for cabinets where you want to stop both doors from opening. One leg/arm stops the first door from opening by locking behind the frame of the cabinet and the other arm stops the second door from opening.

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