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Soft Grip Pen Bushing Set

Soft Grip Pen Bushing Set A complete set of bushings for Soft Grip Pen Hardware Kits (sold separately). These pen bushings are precisely machined to match the diameters of your pen blanks, allowing you to achieve the smooth, perfectly flush seams so valued in a top quality hand-turned pen. Simply turn your pen blanks to match the bushing diameters, leaving a bit of extra material to allow for sanding. For use with Soft Grip Pen Hardware Kits; Gold (#25805, sold separately) and Rhodium (#47188, sold separately), and Black Chrome (#25061, sold separately). When turning light-colored woods, apply a bit of CA glue to the bushings to prevent metal dust from migrating onto the turning blank.Features:The Soft Grip Pen Bushing Set is made of steel-hard enough for excellent durability, yet soft enough to prevent damage to your turning tools3-piece bushing setBushings are designed to work withSoft Grip Pen Hardware Kits (sold separately)

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