Rockler Soft-Close Device for Wooden Drawers

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Soft-Close Device for Wooden Drawers

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The Soft-Close Device for Wooden Drawers upgrades nearly any set of standard epoxy-coated slides (sometimes called ´´roller slides´´) so that the drawer eases itself shut with barely a whisper. It combines a self-closing mechanism with a soft-close damper, engaging in the final 3´´ of the drawer´s travel. Whether retrofitting old cabinet drawers or using on a new installation, you´ll get quiet, cutting edge performance at a very reasonable cost. Installation is easy and intuitive, involving only four screws: two for the cabinet member and two for the drawer member.NOTE: This device is designed for epoxy-coated roller slides (#34827) mounted on wooden drawers. This soft-close mechanism also will work on ball-bearing drawer slides that require 1/2´´ side clearance. When it is used with the ball-bearing slides, the rubber bumper at the back of the slides must be removed to allow smooth operation of the soft-close device. Very heavy drawers and those that are wider than 23´´ will require two devices, one on either side.

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