Rockler Squeeeeek No More® Floor Squeak Repair Kit

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Squeeeeek No More® Floor Squeak Repair Kit

SKU: 44135 ID: 494221285 UPC: 765806032333

Put a stop to creaks and squeaks in your floor with the Squeeeeek No More® Kit from O´Berry Enterprises. The system is simple: use the included tripod guide and driver to drill a special scored screw through the flooring and into a joist. Then use the guide to snap off the screw head. The shank of the screw holds the flooring firmly against the joist to eliminate squeaks, and it snaps off below the surface of the flooring, leaving a totally invisible fix in carpet, and only a small hole to fill on hardwood floors. In no time at all, your floors will squeak no more.Features:Includes a unique joist finder screw for locating your joists.Works on carpeted, hardwood and linoleum floors-even Berber carpets.Additional scored screws are available below.

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