Rockler Stainless Steel Nails for Shutter System

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Stainless Steel Nails for Shutter System

SKU: 45400 ID: 504814474 UPC: 733175454001

Cut from coils of 16 gauge stainless steel, these brad nails will stay free of rust and corrosion regardless of the elements. They are ideal for any outdoor application, and are especially well-suited for our Hidden Control Arms for Louvered Shutters (#49991, sold separately). If rain or moisture condensation migrates onto your shutters, the pivot points between the nails and Hidden Control Arm will still move as freely as the day they were installed. Recommended for use with the Rockler Shutter System. Use the Shutter System Hidden Control Arm Jig Kit (#45143, sold separately) to drill perfectly-sized pilot holes for the nails in the louvers.

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