Rockler Stylus Twist Pen Hardware Kit, 24k Gold

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Stylus Twist Pen Hardware Kit, 24k Gold

SKU: 52460 ID: 581725187 UPC: 718122775996

With the Stylus Pen Kit, you can create a precision writing instrument that doubles as a touchscreen stylus—the perfect gift for lovers of smartphones and tablets. Draw, take notes or browse the internet using the durable rubber tip. By minimizing finger contact with your device, the screen will be clean, grease-free and scratch-free for easier reading and a longer useful life. In addition, the stylus tip lets you type with more precision and comfort, essential for those of us with larger fingers. Compatible with all capacitive touchscreen devices, including but not limited to the iPhone™, iPad™ and iPod Touch™. A great kit for beginners using two 7mm tubes and simple, straight cuts. Cross style refill.

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