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Rockler Summit Pencil Bushing Set

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Summit Pencil Bushing Set

SKU: 46373 ID: 502806466 UPC: 733175463737

A complete set of bushings for the Summit Pencil Hardware Kits (#45110, sold separately). These pen bushings are precisely machined, allowing you to achieve the smooth, perfectly flush seams so valued in a top quality hand-turned pencil. Simply turn your pencil blanks to match the bushing diameters, leaving a bit of extra material to allow for sanding.Features:The Summit Pencil Bushing Set is made of steel-hard enough for excellent durability, yet soft enough to prevent damage to your turning tools3-piece bushing setBushings are designed to work with Summit Pencil Hardware Kits (#45110, sold separately)Tip: when turning light-colored woods, apply a bit of CA glue to the bushings to prevent metal dust from migrating onto the turning blank

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