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Supermax 19-38 & 25-50 Wixey Readout/Mount

Supermax 19-38 & 25-50 Wixey Readout/Mount If you´re tired of squinting or squatting down to read the analog height scale on your SuperMax drum sander, you´ll certainly appreciate the Wixey Digital Readout (DRO). It supplements the stock analog scale on your sander with a large, easy-to-read digital display. Its accuracy is superb, and you´ll never have to worry about the parallax errors so common with analog scales. You can use it in standard mode as the height scale for super-fast setups, as a sander-mounted caliper to measure stock thickness, or in incremental mode to take off a precise amount of stock from any board. A dedicated button lets you easily toggle between fractions or decimals, and metric or imperial measurements. Since it supplements rather than replaces the analog scale, you still have the stock scale for backup in case the battery dies—a nice feature for those of us who prefer a belt and suspenders solution.Features:Mounting bracket included for attachment to your sander.Easy-to-read digital display.Fractions are displayed using Precise Fraction Technology with 4X the accuracy of other DROs.Simple to set up and calibrate.Never needs recalibration unless the battery is replaced.Provides fast accurate thickness repeatability.Auto shut-off helps to maximize battery life.

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