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T-Jak™ Support System These handy supports will take the grunt work out of installing kitchen cabinets. Now you won´t need a crew of helpers to hold things in place while you drive the screws. Steady, controlled support means you can easily shim behind cabinets when walls are irregular. The T-Jak Mini Brute is very lightweight and portable, and is ideal for installing upper cabinets once the base cabinets are already in place. The full length T-Jak Support System can install uppers first, which makes installation easier since you don´t have to climb on the base cabinets. The long length also makes easy work of dry wall ceilings, door and window headers, crown molding, ridge rafters, tub surrounds and many other applications. Ingenious quick-release knob allows you to adjust for proper height in seconds. Simply tilt the knob, slide the shaft to the desired height and it will automatically lock in place. Fine-tune your adjustment by simply turning the knob.Features:Screw holes in top and bottom plates allow you to attach boards when extra support is needed

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