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T-Track Tape Measures Need a measuring reference on your T-Track device? These 36´´ plastic t-track tape measure inserts fit any universal T-Track (up to 48"e in length) to give you accurate measurements to 1/16"e along your fence for on the fly adjustments and more. Use for setting up fence measurement from the edge of your blade or cutter.Ideal for use with all Universal T-Tracks, Multi Tracks, and Double T-Track Fence Caps. Each tape comes with an acrylic hairline indicator with adhesive backing that can be attached to Rockler Flip Stops (26991 and 31214) or other homemade stops. The 48"e steel rule can be cut to fit the 36"e plastic extrusion depending on your needs. Cut your steel measure for either a standard 36"e length or beginning a specific distance from zero when setting up a measurement to blade or cutter style fence.

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