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Rockler The Complete Pyrography, Book

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The Complete Pyrography, Book

SKU: 50207 ID: 567084527 UPC: 9781861087102

With the help of author and master pyrographer Stephen Poole, you´ll learn all the techniques for recreating lifelike textures and shading with your woodburning tools. Conjure up inspiring images of nature, still-lifes and atmospheric scenes. Tackle fine details like fur, skin and eyes, as well as wonderful insect subjects and flora. This book teaches you every area of the craft of woodburning, from where to find designs and what tools to buy, to how to construct your own wire-point instruments. It also covers color work and the pros and cons of gouache, watercolour and woodstains. Twelve projects are presented with clear step-by-step instructions. Readers are inspired to decorate all manner of saleable items such as rolling pins, wooden spoons, earrings and brooches, frames, key rings and key holders, jotter boards, breadboards and cheese platters.Features: Master the art of texture and shading techniques Be inspired to enhance a variety of wooden objects Learn how to protect the finish Instructions for 12 unique woodburning projects Also covers how to display and market your work for sale

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