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Rockler Thin Stock Threaded Inserts, 4-Pack

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Thin Stock Threaded Inserts, 4-Pack

SKU: 45030 ID: 509146922 UPC: 733175450300

If you´re looking for a threaded insert for thin material, then you´ve found it.Until now, the length of most threaded inserts only allowed them to be used with 3/4´´ material or thicker, but the wide, flat design of this insert eliminates the need for external threads, allowing it to be used in material as thin as 1/2´´. Just use a 3/32´´ slot cutter or a thin kerf saw blade to create a groove in theedge of your material, drill a hole where the insert will be, and you´re ready for assembly. Accepts any bolt with a 10-32 threading. Features: Since the Thin Stock Threaded Insert is flat, it doesn´t require the thick material of a normal threaded insert Wide profile spreads out the load of the screw to prevent pull-through Tapped to accept any bolt with a 10-32 threading Use a 3/32" x 1-7/8" diameter slot cutter to create the pocket for the insert Most thin kerf saw blades also have a 3/32" kerf, and will work for creating the pocket

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