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Rockler Tie-Dye Inlace Acrylester Handle Blank

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Tie-Dye Inlace Acrylester Handle Blank

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These blanks are generously cut at 1-1/2´´ square—perfect for turning custom handles for tools, kitchen utensils, bottle stoppers and the like. You can also subdivide them into pen blanks or knife scales. They are made from Inlace Acrylester, which is a polyester-based material that exhibits a shimmering pearlescent quality. This pattern is called Tie-Dye, a brilliant blend of orange, turquoise, and red. Inlace Acrylester is made with an optical-grade resin, which makes it visually superior to acrylic. It is slightly more challenging to turn, but the results are well worth it. It can be polished to a gleaming finish.

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