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Rockler Tormek AngleMaster WM-200

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Tormek AngleMaster WM-200

SKU: 29657 ID: 479643337 UPC: 7392485002536

Set and measure edge angles quickly and easily for accurate knife and tool sharpening with the Tormek AngleMaster WM-200! Works easily in two ways: use it to set a jig to a grindstone so it grinds your tool at any desired edge angle from 10° to 75°, or use it to measure an existing edge angle on a tool. The AngleMaster is the easiest way to get an exact setting regardless of the degree of stone wear! Adjusts to any stone diameter from 10"e (250 mm) to 6"e (150 mm) and has handy built-in magnets that keep the AngleMaster close to your shop tool for easy reference. Features:Grind your tool to any desired edge angle from 10° to 75° with an accuracy of 1°Use it to measure an existing edge angle of a toolMeasure the edge of a knife or bowl gouge using the measuring groovesDiameter compensator may be set to the stone diameter in steps of 5mm (3/16"e) and automatically transfers metric to standard measurementsBuilt-in magnets let you affix the tool to any machine for easy reference

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